Alert: Proposed Medicare Changes will affect all Lower Limb Amputees

Medicare is proposing some drastic changes in the way they cover prosthetics for lower limb amputees. If their policy goes through, you will be severely limited in what leg you can get. To be able to get any advanced prosthesis like a C leg or Rheo or Genium, to name a few, you must be able to demonstrate a  ‘normal gait’ or you won’t be able to get it covered. And if you need any assistive devices like a cane, crutches, walker or wheelchair when you’re not wearing your prosthesis, then forget asking for an advanced le. Consider the bilateral amputee who needs a wheelchair to get around when they are not using their prostheses. We will be going back thirty years if their changes go through. The old peg leg will be the norm once again. Socket design, in patient physical therapy requirement before you can get a new leg as well as many other catastrophic policy changes will put us back in the dark ages. Medicare is treating prosthetics as a luxury not a necessity. Please go onto the Amputee Coalition website for the link to sign the petition to President Obama to rescind these drastic changes that will affect us all!